A fifth of a century after his death, the conversation rages on - is 2pac the greatest rapper of all time? Was his flow as good as Biggie's? Did he really weave words as intricately as Nas? No matter the debater/defacer, one thing is certain: no rapper ever to live had the intensely genuine flow of coherent wisdom (key word is coherent - sorry Yeezy) that Tupac displayed every time he opened his mouth. You heard it here first, folks - Tupac Shakur is the interview GOAT.

Working our way through his fascinating portfolio of interviews, we scrambled together a list of ten fascinating passages from Tupac's mouth - on topics ranging from self-esteem, economic disparity, all the way to the power of the blunt. Tupac died when he was 25 years old, but his wisdom will live forever.

Click through the gallery to read some of Tupac's 10 greatest quotables.