For the past few years, YFN Lucci has been a name that’s been slowly on the cusp of stardom in the Atlanta rap scene and beyond, with several years of buzz and solid mixtapes between him and his YFNBC crew. At first an obscure rapper, isolated from the QC/Freebandz/1017 axis of popular acts coming out of the Southern Rap mecca, Lucci managed to stand out for demonstrating a maturing sensibility as a songwriter and a hook singer, while most of Atlanta rap steered away from their more commercial instincts. This automatically left Lucci as a standout talent.

Since then, he’s managed to put out popular hits of his own as well as find himself on records by the likes of Migos, Lil Durk, Meek Mill and a whole laundry list of stars from Atlanta and across the country. He’s garnered a hard won cult audience and with his crew of affiliates carved out a specific lane of the rap game that at his proven rate of quality work, could result in his becoming a top-tier star soon enough.

For those of you who have heard him once or twice on the radio, or alongside any of the aforementioned names and have wondered “What the hell is a YFN Lucci?”, HNHH has you covered.

Here we have ten records either from or featuring Lucci in some way that can establish a greater picture of who he his, where he’s come from and what he’s capable of. Some of these are well known singles in his catalog, and others are deeper cuts, but each one is a great opportunity to put yourself onto one of the flyest and hardest working rappers in the game.