Young rappers are so exciting to watch. The art form provides the perfect structure for a young person to express themselves, and it never gets old watching another kid come up in the spotlight, releasing bits and pieces of themselves to the public through music.

Vince Staples, a 21-year old kid from California, is a talent that is full of promise. The Odd Future affiliate has been climbing the ranks in the rap world since his beginnings five years ago. Whether he's touring with Earl Sweatshirt or collaborating with his buddy Mac Miller, Vince has kept busy while making a name for himself through music. After four mixtapes, an EP, and a handful of features, Staples is about to take the plunge into the hip hop LP. He'll release Summertime '06 on June 30 via Def Jam.

It's time for Vince Staples to get the essential treatment. Here's the 10 tracks you have to know by this skillful MC.