Vic Mensa is barely old enough to drink, but that hasn't stopped this 21-year-old MC from livin' the life. After touring with Disclosure earlier this year, Mensa's popularity has been on the steady rise.

The Chicago-bred MC has a friendship with Chance The Rapper, and the two frequently collaborate on stage and on tracks. Jams like "Suitcase" and "Tweakin'" have seen the two spit back and forth over some impressive beats.

However the most impressive beat Vic has been able to bless is the recent "Wimme Nah." Kaytranada's experimental pizzazz adds another element to the trap tempo and 808 bass that Mensa has embraced periodically throughout his short career. 

Without further ado, click forward to peep the essential Vic Mensa tracks. If you want to hear more, be sure to cop his Innanetape via HNHH. Judging by the 99% rating it's received by our readers, you'll probably love it.