Tyga has an impressive resume for as many years he has been active in the game. Since as early as 2008 Tyga has consistently released banger after banger and set the streets on fire with his numerous strip club anthems and his Well Done mixtape series. What is even more impressive about Tyga's career is how year after year he has managed to re-invent himself and maintain hold of the public eye and constant hype surrounding him.

We are talking about the same guy that released the single "Rack City" off of his Carless World: Rise Of The Last King album in 2012 an shut every single nightclub, stripclub and after hours spot down for years to come. The same guy that followed up a year later with the commercially successful album Hotel California that featured smash singles like "Molly" and the Rick Ross assisted street anthem "Dope." The same guy that teamed up with Chris Brown in 2015 to releasethe collaborative album Fan Of A Fan in 2015 featuring the mega hit "Ayo."

We are also talking about the same guy that had one of the most controversial and public relationships with the young Kardashian Starlett Kylie Jenner, as well as the same guy who's had numerous financial and label problems resulting in reposession and a new deal with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint.

But now that 2017 has rolled around, things are looking ever so promising for Tyga in this new chapter of his career and we are recieving more and more high qaulity releases from the rapper with each day passing by. So without further adieu, here's an all ntensive guide to Tyga's new and constantly evolving and discography. Check out these 10 essential tracks and get reacquainted with King Gold Chains on the cusp of his second glow up.