Within the ever-changing landscape of rap music, one sub-genre has emerged triumphant among the crowded landscape in recent years. That subset being Trap music. A combination of the 808 Roland drum, drug trafficking culture and a staunch Southern flare provide the backbone for Trap Music, along with a complex web of checks and balances that have allowed the genre to infiltrate the industry and spread at a fever pitch rate.

One of the major key factors behind the rise of Trap music is

More specifically, TM88, an original member of the 808 Mafia has created quite the name for himself and is constantly credited with pushing the genre forward and helping bring the limelight to Rap superstars like Wocka Flocka, Young Thug and more. TM88, whose real name is Bart Sacii, has been at the forefront of the Trap movement as early as 2010 and has vigorously carved out his own lane with his thunderously swirling lucid productions and earned his status as one of the most elite producers in the industry.

This week's Essentials pack attempts to round up 10 of the most lit and legendary productions from TM88's extensive catalog to shed light on this Southern tastemakers immense reach.