"My raps don’t have melodies," Jay Z rapped on his 2009 song "Death of Autotune." "This should make niggas want go and commit felonies."

Little did Hov circa 2009 know, autotune would soon become one of the most central institutions in hip hop, and melodies and felonies would no longer be mutually exclusive. Along with Kanye West, T-Pain is largely responsible for popularizing autotune, and in some ways he took one for the team. His 2005-2010 status as The Hook God ended when the general public dismissed the style as an affront to "actual" singing. T-Pain was a true pioneer, and now he is being welcomed back to his rightful place among the pop elite.

Here we revisit T-Pain's Hook God era with seven of his best guest hooks and three more of his own hooks.