Mr. Carmack remains a bit of an enigma despite all of the recent success. One of the undoubtable beat-makers of this generation, Carmack hails form Hawaii, which isn't exactly a hotbed for music production. 

With a whole bunch of releases under his belt, Carmack has ties with hot labels like Mad Decent and Soulection. His music is best described as it is on Facebook, in that it can "make you dance, make you feel, make you crave, make you sad, make you think, make you jump, make you love the way I do."

Whether he's crafting the soundtrack for the next massive party or an early morning chill session, he's got some incredible skill. His ability to craft music all over the scale of "0 to 100" is second to none.

Let's take a peak in to Mr. Carmack's productions with his 10 essential tracks.