MellowHigh is an offshoot of the Odd Future group MellowHype. It gets a tad complicated, but stay with us now.

MellowHype = Hodgy Beats (rapper) + Left Brain (producer)

But when you add weedhead Domo Genesis in the mix, it becomes MellowHigh...usually. Sometimes they forgo the Left Brain production for someone else, too.

MellowHigh only has one self-titled album out and a few scattered tracks from features and mixtapes. However, the album is pretty sick, and if you're down with Odd Future's brand of crazy West Coast rap, you're sure to dig it. 

Some of it's hyphy, some of it's chill. It's pretty much all made for getting really, really stoned too. So keep that in mind while you click through the list.

Oh, and they also have a 16-episode web series you can watch here.