In the past 10 years, Rap music has been revitalized with a wave of individualistic centric, fun and easy going vibes that give the genre a new and enchanting sound. While Trap music still reigns supreme, and aggressive underground movements like Soundcloud rap are gaining traction, internet rappers spreading messages of joy and one off weirdness are on their way to the top. Artists like Lil Yachty, Chance The Rapper, and SuperduperKYLE are taking the world by storm with their feel good, rhythmic tunes and forging a new lane in the industry for music exuding positivity and quirkiness. 

KYLE, formerly known as K.i.D. is the California native next-up in line to make a huge splash in the industry. His against the grain aesthetic, coupled with his soothingly raspy voice and snaggle-toothed tongue-in-cheek raps has allowed him to build an impressive platform and skyrocket to the top. On top of his immense skill set and musical talent, KYLE's willingness to be himself, which can be corny at times he admits, is one of the major points of interest that set him apart from other artists in the industry. Even more so though, his profound sense of social awareness and genuine intentions are helping to redefine what a rap superstar should look like, and that's a win for all of us because inclusivity is real.

So prepare to have a delightful, thought provoking time, and a chuckle or two as we glide through 10 of KYLE's most essential and fun tracks.