Khalid Robinson lives the life that most American teens dream of, now that he is famous. Truth is, the singer lived a life that was anything but glamorous growing up. Born in 1998 in Ft. Stewart Georgia, Khalid moved from place to place because of his Mother's career in the Military. Khalid grew up in Military bases all over including Fort Campbel in Kentucky and a six-year stint in Heidelberg, Germany.

Though his location changed quite often, one thing proved to be a constant presence in young Khalid's life and that was the music. His mother has always been a huge musical influence, as she herself had a chance to sing in the prestigious US Army band but instead decided to sacrifice the opportunity to raise her son. Khalid studied Musical Theater in high school and began recording music in 2015.

During his senior year of high school, he moved to El Paso, Texas and began releasing music on the internet and working with producers like Syk Sense and Tunji Ige. Before long Khalid's music began to catch on and in July 2016 he had reached No. 2 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart and his single "Location" began charting.

Now the singer has released his critically acclaimed debut album American Teen and has finally found himself feeling at home in a comfortable spot upon the top of today's youth driven RnB movement. And with a cult-like following enchanted by his mesmerizing multi-layered voice, it looks like Khalid is going to be in this new setting in his life for quite some time.

So get to know the well-traveled and cultured crooner beyond his years known as Khalid in this week's Essentials pack.