As a 17-year-old just beginning to make waves in the rap game, Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott didn't have the same life as most kids his age. He wasn't thinking about graduating high school to attend a university or enter the work force. As a matter of fact, before he even graduated high school he had formed a collective with classmates that would come to be known as Pro Era.

He's snagged production from J Dilla, MF Doom, Knxwledge, Lee Bannon and The Alchemist, among others. His taste is refined and touches a nerve that other rappers haven't struck in a long time. With enough mainstream appeal to make lyrics cool again, Joey Bada$$ is definitely one of the top dogs in the game, and his peers in Pro Era aren't far behind him.

Definitely look for Joey Bada$$ to have a huge 2015. Withe his new album B4DA$$ due out on December 9th, he may snipe the game for the best record in rap right at the buzzer.