I'm leading the league in at least six statistical categories right now: Best flow, most consistent, realest stories, most charisma, I set the most trends, and my interviews are hotter.”

When discussing the greats, Jay-Z’s placement on the list is inevitable. The rapper turned businessman has left his mere mortal status behind, opting to join the ranks of the entity. With a career spawning two decades, twelve solo albums, and a highly publicized relationship, it’s no wonder the Brooklyn star has achieved ubiquity. Yet these days, it’s hard to see Jay as a rapper anymore. His last album was in 2013, and many unfamiliar with hip-hop simply know him as Beyonce’s husband. More people reference his entrepreneurship; more Tidal than Magna Carter.

But the legend must be respected. In an unprecedented historical move, Jay recently became the first rapper to be inducted in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Even today, many hip-hop heads are quick to hand Jay-Z the coveted mantle of GOAT.

But does the claim carry any weight? Is it all sleight of hand induced by a self-aggrandizing reputation? Or did the Jigga Man leave a trail of destruction in his wake, earning his claim to the throne he so eagerly watched?

Here are ten tracks proving the latter.