Dom Kennedy has been working hard since his rise to prominence in 2008. Releasing 7 mixtapes, 2 albums and a bunch of features, Dom may just be the most prolific West Coast rapper in recent history.

From The West Coast With Love is not only the name of Dom's 2010, highly-enjoyed mixtape, but also serves as an introduction to his entire steeze. If someone asked you who Dom Kennedy is, you could easily reply, "that boy is From The West Coast With Love." It's both his best-known work and artistic statement.

With that West Coast love comes all the things his fans love too: cars, clothes, women, good times, sun-drenched beats, money, herb, etc. He isn't the kind of rapper that is going to change your insight on fracking, but he can definitely provide a soundtrack to good times.

With that, we encourage you to have a good time with the following tracks. Enjoy yourself and the music of Dom Kennedy.