There is something wondrous about the music of Clams Casino. It's hard to believe that the he was once a physical therapist student making beats on the side for fun. Indeed, he does not think like ordinary producers. "To find things to sample, I used to just type a random word-- like "blue" or "cold"-- into LimeWire or BearShare and download the first 10 results," he told Pitchfork in a 2011 interview.

Now 29, Clams has scored production credits on songs by A$AP Rocky, Vince Staples, Mac Miller, Lil B, and A$AP Ferg, but he's like Flying Lotus in that sometimes, his beats sound better on their own. Sometimes it's better to let that bitch breathe. 

To prepare for Clams' album coming out soon, click through the gallery to experience ten of his best tracks -- five beats he produced for others and five of his own instrumentals.