There have always been elements of emo in rap. We can go all the way back to 1991 where the Geto Boys blended horror with pessimistic themes to make the classic We Can’t Be Stopped. But rap’s current emo revival is much different. It stems from a movement that peaked in the mid 2000s where bands like Panic! At The Disco reigned supreme. It was an era where if you were caught wearing a shade that even resembled black you were accused of being emo, and you wouldn’t deny it because it was the cool thing to be. The emo boom ultimately passed, and although it still retained a core audience, the mainstream had moved onto the next fad. It wasn’t until the birth of Soundcloud that emo returned to the popular culture zeitgeist.

One of the first artists to make a name for themselves on SoundCloud was Bones. Bones was a descendant of Raider Klan, and he along with artists like Xavier Wulf, began embracing emo's themes. Bones would go as far as releasing moody acoustic guitar ballads that initially alienating, though really ahead of their time. Other artists on the platform would begin to welcome the genre, such as the smooth elegance of Spooky Black (now Corbin) and key figure Lil Peep , who used pop-punk’s influence to make a name for himself. 

Now, the genre has become so much more. With emo-rap on the rise, here are some of the emerging artists helping to transform it into one of rap’s most interesting sub-genres.