Last week, tragedy struck the Internet as Jaden Smith's famous Twitter account famously disappeared. Whether he was telling us that "Most Trees Are Blue," or "If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Earth," the rapper/actor/prophet confirmed the absolute relativity of the universe spoken in the words of a moody teenager, in 140 characters or less (thank God). 

Speaking of moody teenagers, Drake has released spouts of knowledge that have us feeling somewhere between the signature "6" *prayer hands* and *facepalm*. A few examples below.

Though Drake has crafted some of the most relatable songs of our generation, his more mystifying thoughts sometimes sneak their way into his lyrics. If Drizzy's lovers understand some of his more cryptic crooning, they must share a special connection. 

Alas, if you're missing Jaden Smith's social media presence in your life, it's time to venture into Drake's champagne reality. Here are 10 Drake lyrics that could double as Jaden Smith tweets.