Many of hip-hop's most classic albums have one thing in common: they were all produced (mostly) by one man. Dr. Dre, J Dilla, the RZA, Kanye West, Madlib, and many more have all laced MCs with a collection of beats that create a cohesive aesthetic through which full LPs can thrive. Singles and one-offs are cool, but to compile 10+ tracks and keep it dope the whole way through makes you a master of hip-hop.

Whether it is Dr. Dre perfecting G-Funk on The Chronic or A Tribe Called Quest spreading divine knowledge through Midnight Marauders, these albums all kept one producer to develop the overwhelming majority of the cuts. From the snare drums to the soul-samples, it's all the input of one brain (or multiple brains behaving as one).

Today we're paying homage to these albums that are staples for anyone's hip-hop collection. The 10 aforementioned LPs are absolute classics. Enjoy!