For the first time the starters for the 2018 NBA All Star Game were chosen by not only the fans, but also by the media and current NBA players. Fans made up 50 percent of the vote, and the media and NBA players consisted of 25 percent of the vote each. NBA head coaches vote for the All Star reserves for their individual conferences, none of which however can be players on their own team. 

The two guards and three front court players who earn the highest cumulative vote totals (from the fans, media and players) are named the All-Star starters. Coaches select two guards, three front court players and two wild cards, as far as All Star reserves— with each chosen player ranked in order of preference within each category.

With such a vehement weeding out process, it's no wonder certain more-than-qualified players get overlooked when it comes to being picked as an All Star starter or reserve.

Of course, every year there are All Star snubs; however this year in particular, the snub game is extremely off-the-chain. We've counted 10 players, at least, that should have been selected for the All Star game and did not get chosen. We know, that's a lot of players.. enough to even hold a separate All Star game at a nearby park or something! 

Join us as we examine the biggest 2018 NBA All Star Game snubs. If we missed anybody, kindly enlighten us about it in the comments below.