What do you say to someone overtly braggadocious, someone who professes to be the greatest, someone who thinks a little too highly of his or herself? “Bitch be humble, sit down!"

These words are now cemented in time, as a reminder from Kendrick Lamar that we could all use a little humility. Kendrick would probably be the first to take his own advice, too, reminding himself there is more work to be done before going down as one of the greats. Although, he’s well on his way-- the internet is already littered with thinkpieces about how much of a GOAT K. Dot is.

We’ve seen artists reinvent themselves with alter egos, as a form of separation of self. Kendrick has mastered this skill to the utmost, whether it be through his use of different voices and cadences, or his multifaceted subject matter and lyrical content (both ratchet and righteous, to borrow a quote from Charlamagne Tha God), or else his nicknames, Kung Fu Kenny, K. Dot, and Kendrick Lamar all representing different versions of the same self. Kendrick brings this same spark of both reinvention and experimentation not only to his series of albums, but to his featured appearances. You never quite know what Kenny you’ll get, will he snap on a flow yet unheard, using a chipmunk-like voice, school us on socio-economics?

Kendrick’s genius compositional skills are one to be studied-- but we’ll save that for another time, another essay. He carries the same meticulous nature when crafting a large bodies of work as he does on a smaller stage, simply lending his talent on featured appearances.

We wish we could include every single feature that Kendrick has been on, but that would defeat the purpose of this list. We’ve narrowed it down what we deem to be the 10 best Kendrick Lamar featured appearances. We're presenting them in no particular order.

We're sure you have an opinion - what're we missing here? Let us know your favourite Kung Fu Kenny feature in the comments.