2018 was a year filled with ups-and-downs in the rap game. 03 Greedo captivated hip-hop with the release of his album, Wolf Of Grapestreet. While he followed the project with God Level and his joint projects with Nef Tha Pharoah and Rappa Mourn, his career came to a screeching halt when he was sentenced to 20-years behind bars stemming from an arrest in 2016. Greedo may have stacked up on material before he goes in for 20-years, but according to reports, it seems as if he might be out way earlier than expected.

Despite a 20-year sentence, Greedo might be coming out of prison as early as 2020. Per Greedo's inmate entry at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's website, the rapper will be eligible for parole on September 19th, 2020. The rapper's initial release date was slated for May 31st, 2038. Hopefully, Greedo will be back out by then.

Greedo was arrested in 2016 in Amarilla, TX after he and his friend were pulled over. Police said they discovered four pounds of methamphetamine along with two stolen guns. 

Over the months since his arrest, his friends in the rap game have been making sure that he's not forgotten. Both his collaborative efforts with Nef That Pharoah and Rappa Mourn arrived after his sentencing. Greedo was also the sole rap feature on Freddie GibbsFreddie. The two rappers connected on the album's highlight, "Death Row."