03 Greedo's an artist out of the west coast that has been bubbling as of late. His project, The Wolf Of Grape Street received some high praise upon it's release. However, many people are more familiar with him because of his controversial statements pertaining to 2Pac and more recently, J. Cole. Unfortunately, it seems as if the rapper has been imprisoned. 

03 Greedo has reportedly been sent to jail. The rapper took to Twitter earlier this week asking his fans to pray for him during his upcoming court date. Earlier today, he tweeted, "These racist judges aint playing fair." He didn't share much details pertaining to his tweet at the time but he has since revealed that he'll be "gone." 

"Sorry i let my fans down. At least we got some great music before i left yall. I wish i coulda stayed with my family but life isnt fair to some of us. Plenty music will be released while im gone. Promise me you will love me forever." He wrote, "Never thought id have to retire the year I blew up. But shit was fun."

Twitter later began the "Free Greedo" campaign. Cardo confirmed that he's in jail as he tweeted, "Free my brother fr fr ." 

The details of the charge, his sentencing or anything else pertaining to his imprisonment has yet to be revealed but we'll keep you updated once the information becomes available.