One month ago, 03 Greedo was "lightly" sentenced to 20 years with a possibility of parole. Deputy agents had recovered four pounds of methamphetamine and two stolen pistols in the trunk of his vehicle. Never the less, Greedo is noticeably chipper about his legal situation and the stardom awaiting him upon his return. If you ask Greedo, he's up there with the King of Pop, as far as making contributions to the cultural masthead.

Greedo told Billboard, he saw himself surpassing Michael Jackson's legacy, and at least "up there with Bob Marley and shit." The Reggae legend's articulation of melody, his songwriting, and overall creativity, were traits he saw himself. Greedo believes the way he moves, and makes changes in his community is akin to the revolutionary stand Bob Marley made with his music. 

As for his legal case, Greedo seems resolute in handing over his privileges to the Court of law. In the interview, he describes the legal system as a "trap" set up to great many men of his ilk. Greedo believes it's only when authorities found out he was a rapper that his case was accelerated and a plea deal was put in place. Greedo continues to ignore the ramifications, for his legacy stands on the legs of what he's yet to accomplish, a mere window of 30 albums when it's all said and done. You can peep the full interview here.