It seems as though one way to get your name out right now is to trash the legends who paved the way for rappers today to gain notoriety. The rap community is filled with plenty of people chasing clout, looking to be next up and attempting to reach that level by any means. With Lil Xan's controversial comments made last week about Tupac, many labeled him as a clout-chaser, simply bringing it up for the publicity that will follow. While it certainly did put his name in people's mouths, his comments weren't nearly as harsh as 03 Greedo's towards the rap legend.

03 Greedo is one of the hottest artists to be making his way out of Los Angeles right now, and he has a backing in the West Coast where he doesn't necessarily need to chase clout. In an interview with Billboard to promote his album The Wolf Of Grape Street, Greedo agreed with Lil Xan's comments, saying Pac was a good actor but that he was a "b-tch ass n---a." The L.A. rapper has backtracked on his comments, tweeting out that his point may have been misinterpreted, writing, "2Pac On my next album. We had a misunderstanding lol." 

While the tweet could simply be a joke as he has spent the majority of today continuing to slander Pac's name on Twitter, Greedo may actually be honoring the legend by including a sample in his future music. How do you feel about the negative talk on Tupac's name?