On Friday, Future released his new Drake-assisted single, "Used To This," which featured an especially colorful piano-led beat from Zaytoven. Hearing Zay's keys on the record suggested that perhaps Future's long-awaited sequel to his Beast Mode mixtape (a full length collaboration with the producer), tentatively titled Beast Mode 16, was on its way -- so we had to talk to Zaytoven to get the details.

In a quick conversation over email, Zaytoven spoke of the many collaborations he and Future did leading up to the release of "Used To This." While he's confident a new Future project is on its way, he's not sure whether or not it will be the proper sequel to Beast Mode. Either way, it's safe to say that whatever Future's got up his sleeve, Zay will be involved.

How long have you and Future been working on Beast Mode 16 for?

We actually been working ever since we did the first Beast Mode, we just continued to do songs. Now I’m not sure if Beast Mode 16 is about to come out or not, I’m not really sure if that’s the project that’s about to come out but that’s just a name we gave it since we have been doing so many songs. We figured if we come out with another project it will be called Beast Mode 16 but the project he comes out with can be something totally different, I have no idea what the name of the project he’s coming out with will be.

Do you know how the Drake feature on "Used To This" came about? Did it happen recently or is it from the WATTBA sessions?

No it’s not from when they did WATTBA album, this [collab] is a recent one. I think Future kind of likes to lock in with a certain producer, like when he’s feeling a certain vibe with a producer whether its me, Metro, whoever he’s working with, I guess when he catches a vibe he likes to continue to work with that producer over and over again.

So this feature came about as we were doing songs together, like I’m in the studio with him everyday, and it’s like he’s only recording to Zaytoven beats right now and I think "Used to This" was one of the songs he had done. I remember when he had done the song, you know this was when we first or when I first thought we were even starting another Beast Mode again because at the beginning of the song he said Beast Mode. It’s not on there now, but at the beginning of the song it said Beast Mode, and that’s what made me be like "okay well we’re doing Beast Mode 2." And he was saying that the new Beast Mode is going to be the truth so I kept feeling like "okay Beast Mode 2 is on the way," and we’ve been working everyday so Beast Mode 2 is on the way. Then I seen him post some pictures that said BM16, that meant Beast Mode 16. So I said "okay so that’s what the project is going to be called, it’s going to be called Beast Mode 16."

I guess as time has gone on we done recorded so much music together but you know he probably was unsure just putting out a full Zaytoven project right now, you know he might be putting out an album with different people so I think that’s how it's going right now, but the feature did not come [together] when him and Drake were working on that album (WATTBA) together this collab came after, way after.

The song has a pretty classic Zaytoven sound with the piano keys - do you remember when you came up with that melody, where you were, what was happening? 

Well I know, I remember making the beat, I was at home and  that was just one beat amongst many. You know most of the day I sit down and make beats. I might make 10 at a time, 5 at a time, and that was just one of those beats and I was just making beats for Future since Future was calling me everyday like, "Zay I need some more beats, send me some beats, I’m going to the studio." At this time it's like every beat I’m making is strictly for Future, I ain't send it to nobody else; these beats are only going to Future. So like I said that was just one of those. You know that day I might have made 10 beats, and that was one of the beats I sent to him while he was at the studio. I went to the studio later and he played the song for me that night when I got there. You know how we are, we don’t think that much on one song, its just like “Oooh that song hard, that joints hard let's just keep doing some more songs.” That's how we work. We just record, record, record. 

Do you know if it'll be released commercially on iTunes/Apple Music? 

That's more a question for the label but I'd assume it would be.

Is there any timeline on that project's release yet, or is still up in the air?

Not sure.

What kind of direction, if any, did Future give you for the production on Beast Mode 16? Was there a specific sound he was going for? 

You know, it wasn’t that he gave me any direction, it's just I was trying new ways and doing different types of styles of beats and I can tell when to stay in a certain lane cause he’ll (Future) call me and say “Hey I need more of that, send me more of that” so once he tells me that then I’m making 20 of the same type of beats cause that’s a wave he's on and the vibe he’s really rocking with. 

Do you have any update on the Drake & Gucci Mane EP that was teased a while back?

I’m not sure, I’m hoping its early next year when that drops. You’re talking about the 6'ers, but I’m excited about that Drake and Gucci. I just don’t have an idea of when it’s coming. 

Do you have any other exciting collaborations in the works you can speak on? You've seen a bit of a spurt in popularity recently -- has this resulted in any new artists reaching out to you?

I cant really say. I think it’s a surprise for Gucci's album but I don’t think he wants me to release it yet so nah it’s nothing right now, I can’t give out all the secrets right now. I’ve done really worked with the majority of the people I want to work with, all the new guys and I like working with up and coming talent. Beyonce and Rihanna, they haven’t reached out but I feel like it's still coming, I got my fingers crossed.