Zaytoven - Noisey's Atlanta Documentary (Ep. 9)

Trevor Smith
March 10, 2015 16:53

Producers are the focus of this week's episode of Noisey Atlanta.

We've taken a look into the lives of many different rappers over the course of Noisey Atlanta rap documentary, but after nine episodes, we're finally seeing how producers bring the scene together. As is pointed out in the doc, beatmakers have more name recognition than ever, partly because they literally insert their names into the beginning of each of their songs with producer tags.

The team talks to Mike WiLL Made It, Zaytovem, TM-88, and more about what makes their sound so in-demand, and how it's translating to mainstream pop music. We also get a chance to see the musicians highly collaborative process in the studio.

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Noisey's Atlanta Documentary (Ep. 9)