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YUNG POPPA *YUNG POPPA* stirs up a frenzy wherever he goes. Mixing his up north flow, universal hooks, new age beats, and hip-hop swag, the teen prodigy—*Yung Poppa*—has quickly become a modern musical phenomenon with an army of screaming fans following him everywhere. On his debut mixtape-album from Visionary Entertainment, Triple Threat Vol.1 [available on DATPIFF], *Yung Poppa* fuels that hysteria with numerous worldwide anthems. There's another dimension to this experience. *Yung Poppa* boast eye-catching, 21st century fashion sensibility as well as impressive academic record in school. In the tradition of Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, and Kriss Kross, *Yung Poppa* is the next generation for hip-hop and pop. They call him *Yung Poppa* a.k.a. The Visionary Prince… In 2008, the *Yung Poppa* brand was created by Visionary Entertainment, LLC [CEO] Rashaan Hornsby. For the next two years, they immersed themselves in music, developing his signature sound and style under the guidance of Rashaan Hornsby. Soon afterwards, 215 Aphillyated CEO & President Charlie “Mack” Alston [Will Smith] signed on as *Yung Poppa’s* personal manager. *Yung Poppa* kicked off his career at the age of nine, performing at local events and talent shows in the Tri-state area. Then at the age of 11yrs old *Yung Poppa* went on to win 1st place at the World Famous “Apollo Theater” in New York City. The “Yung Phenom” has also starred on TLC’s “Four Weddings” [Season 2]. *Yung Poppa* states that his Live performance at the “Men In Black 3” movie premiere in New York City aboard the USS Intrepid [Sea, Air, and Space Museum] was one of the highlights of his career thus far. Audiences felt that passion as *Yung Poppa* swiftly went from touring elementary, middle, and high schools to opening sold-out tours for Chris Brown [Powerhouse 2011] and Mindless Behavior [Scream Tour]. A fervor for the music swept through crowds on the strength of his first single "Jet Black Shades" in 2012. A propulsive pop gem, the song is almost at 40 thousand views on YouTube, and the video was featured on The follow-up, "Pinky & the Brain", continued to turn heads and excite kids with its combination of infectious beats and catchy hook. Directed by DeReyes Films [Jet Black Shades], the track's cinematic music video even features cameos from Z-Dub, Perfect Storm, and The Yung Sensations Project, quickly becoming the #1 most demanded video on YouTube. The third single, "I Do It For My City" bounces from energetic electro production into an unforgettable chorus. The marriage between the lyrics and production, clearly says it's ready for the clubs and the radio. As the song says, he’s got "swagger so high you might need a ladder." *Yung Poppa* reveals, "The song shows how much he’s grown as an artist in regards to his confidence, style, swag, and how he’s here to make his place in hip-hop." So who can be a "Yung Phenom" *Yung Poppa* goes on, "Anybody can be a “Yung Phenom”. It doesn't matter if you're two-years-old or eighty-two-years-old. Be yourself and love yourself, put Education over Everything, and love what you do, no matter what it is. That makes you a Yung Phenom." It's an inspiring message that transcends all boundaries. *Yung Poppa* brings people together under the banner of this positive lifestyle choice. *Yung Poppa’s* chosen to be a "Yung Phenom," and you can hear it in his universal, undeniable songs. That's also why the fan reaction has been so explosive. Parents love that *Yung Poppa’s* music is clean and positive, also that he promotes the message of “Education over Everything”. *Yung Poppa’s* meet-n-greets have drawn thousands of girls lining up hours in advance just to meet him. Opening up for “Mindless Behavior” and “Diggy” on the Scream Tour in Philadelphia, PA at the Tower Theater *Yung Poppa* had to be locked in the bathroom until security could escort him backstage because four-thousand fans swarmed him after his performance. "My fan base is really growing and I couldn't be more excited," says *Yung Poppa* with a smile. "I give them what they want. I can relate to them because we're all kids and I love having fun." Online, *Yung Poppa* constantly stays in touch with that wild following. As a result, he’s created an enormous buzz in terms of online presence and has a growing website *Yung Poppa* concludes, "I really want to connect with my fans and show them how much I love them with my “Education over Everything” Tour [Currently on tour]. I want them to know we all have something in common, so let’s build on that instead of focusing on how we’re different. I’m a “Yung Phenom” 24/7, and they can be too."


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