Yung Lifik

Preston William Rayburn, better known as Prolifik, was born in Camden, New Jersey on March 8, 1991. After being born to young, unwilling parents, he was sent to the adoption agency. Not too long after, two Coloradans made the trip to the east coast and adopted the one they now call "The Problem." Although you will always catch him smiling, equipped with the newest Jordan's, he hasn't always had a life of luxury. This 18 year old rapper has worked hard to get to a place in life where a dream could actually become a reality. The teen has been through it all in the duration of his life. Growing up going through multiple divorces, house changes, and living with the uncertainty of whether or not his mom would live to see another day. “I always feel everything happens for a reason. If god gives me challenges I have no choice but to accept them. During my time on Earth I’m going to change people’s lives in a positive way,” Rayburn said. To escape the drama, he would play basketball and D.J. After attending the “Roc the Mic Tour,” it was clear Rayburn wanted to be a rapper. “I Saw 50 up there (on the stage), I saw Jay-Z, but then I saw myself.” With his love for the game of basketball, and his unique writing style, his music is filled with sports metaphors and punch lines ahead of his time. “I feel if you’re going to be a rapper, you have to cover a multitude of topics.” Prolifik tries to touch on all aspects of Hip-Hop which is the main reason many can’t put a label on his style. His freshman year of high school he put together a miniature CD of songs he had created through a karaoke microphone and a computer. He was an amateur but his flow and ideas were great and his style was like none ever heard before in Denver. He later latched on with his future production specialist, Carl Carrel a.k.a. “C.E.O.” Carrel has a home studio built with professional sound quality and Pro Tools. A year later in 2006, he released his first mixtape titled “The Come Up,” making this round more presentable to the public. The difference between the two CDs was amazing. In one year he was on a whole other level in the rap game. “At this point in my life rap was becoming less of a hobby and more of a job.” During the middle of his junior year, he would be arrested twice for theft, one of which was a felony. “I was lost, I had to get back to the person everyone knew and loved.” He started writing and recording again during the summer which helped him express his feelings on paper, rather than keeping them inside. Prolifik just completed his sophomore mixtape, “The Takeova,” and is now looking towards bigger and better things. When asked what he thought was wrong with Hip-Hop today Rayburn said: “The artists have gone away from what got them there in the first place. They need to make music for the love of music, not for the money and fame.” Every year Prolifik comes with new ideas around the same time as it is hard to balance basketball and music. He takes simple words and turns them into art. He has aspired to collab with Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz, Drake, and OJ Da Juiceman. A few of his influences include: Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Fabolous and Notorious B.I.G. He desires to give back to his community and his parents for taking such good care of him and making sure he always had everything he needed. “I just want Colorado to be heard, and I feel I’m that voice.”


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