yung dex

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There was this kid growing up who really never had alot he struggled threw school only making it half way threw 11th grade he didnt enjoy school at all he was always searching for somthing to fill tht empy space in his heart he had a hunger to write music it didnt start till he was 13 thts when he started experimenting with writing his thoughts down on a pen and pad his parents grow up in a diffrent generation than him so they really didnt like the music he listened too and didnt support him in his career in being a rapper hes wasnt very good when he started out he knew he was in for a challenge he was ready to start his music and be serious he battled his friends at school they understood him better than anyone else did and supported his choice he began to get older and explore the music scene he had many ups and downs as he made mastakes that could haunt him for the rest of his life tht when he met an artist named wordplay he thought as him as a mentor and he help him write better and find his flow wordplay was very serious about his music and wanted him to be just as serious so he kept pushing him to get better and finally he began to make a name for himself that everybody began to kno him as it wasnt long before he knew it he started to build a fan based and callab with other artist's at that point on he drove himself to write until his hand hurt there was nothing tht could get in his way this person today is known as yung dex!


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