Your Old Droog Songs

  • Cover of Your Old Droog - Sleepers... (Prod. By Larry Fisherman)
    Your Old Droog made waves a few months back when rumors spread that he was actually a pitch shifted Nas. While that theory was quickly debunked, the similarity to Esco is no less uncanny.
  • Cover of Your Old Droog - Free Turkey
    Other than the Shmurda Dance, the other thing that the hip-hop Twittersphere has been abuzz with in the past month is a rapper named Your Old Droog.
  • Cover of Your Old Droog - On The News (Tamron Hall)
    Its been a few months now since Your Old Droog was confused for a Nas moniker and became a national sensation in the process. The story was covered near and far, trending on social media and even earning itself some news coverage. Droog is past all of that now though--at least the Nas comparisons.
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