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YOUNG SAINT "When you hear the imperfections in my music, you hear Young Saint. And when you hear the perfections in my music, you hear God." – Young Saint Young Saint. Remember the name. Chances are you'll be hearing it repeatedly in the coming years. If Saint has his way, you'll never forget his name, or his music. Not one to be satisfied with mere rapper status, Young Saint aims to capture the hearts and minds of his listeners by setting their ears ablaze with his cutting-edge music, clever lyrics, and infectious flow. It's the longevity of an emcee that Saint aspires to attain. The New Haven, Connecticut native intends to bring a lyrical perspective back to hip-hop that's been sorely missing in the new millennium. And as with any emcee trying to prove his worth, Young Saint is willing to take on all comers in a freestyle rap battle, whether on the streets, or over the airwaves. Already a household name in New Haven, Saint relocated to Atlanta a few years back, looking for a new hip-hop world to conquer. Over the course of a couple of years, Saint has sat back and taken in the Dirty South scene. "I'm supporting the music here," Saint says. "And I get support as well." Meshing the two lifestyles, Young Saint brings a lyrical northern exposure and has meshed it with a musical southern comfort. The result is a young emcee embracing the best of what both worlds have to offer. But don't confuse Saint for being a Dirty South rapper. Nothing could be farther from the truth. With influences such as Eminem and L.L. Cool J, Saint looks to change the game through lyrical flow, not through shouting raps over some homogenous, copy-written beat. Give Saint a nice beat and he's sure to respond by giving you a poetic flow that you not only hear, but feel. Hip-hop isn't something that Saint merely wants to make money from to floss his ice, roll around in his new whip, and be a local celebrity. Young, intelligent, articulate, and extremely focused and dedicated, Saint is in hip-hop for the long haul. He wishes to parlay his love of the genre into a lasting career that spans decades, not just the moment. "I don't want to just be in the hip-hop business," Saint says. "I want to be a business in hip-hop." So in the very near future, you'll be seeing and hearing from a young emcee that's transcending the game. He'll be splashed all over your TV and radio and magazine ads. He will have the adoration of fans, both adult and teen, all over the world. He'll be just bad enough to make the young girls swoon, yet wholesome enough to bring home to meet your parents or bring your kids to get his autograph at his shows. He'll be that fresh emcee that you've been waiting to hear in this decade of fly-by-night rappers over-glorifying the thug life. He will own the streets, clubs and corporate world. He will define a new era in hip-hop. And his name will be Young Saint.


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