A day after settling his beef with producer Metro Boomin, Thugger has now tweeted some inflammatory remarks at Miami veteran Trick Daddy. Thug was instigated by Trick Daddy's recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, the morning show that, last month, Thug called "the devil." 

During the interview, while lamenting on the current state of today's rap game, Trick Daddy said, "Four out of five new artists come out sound like Future. Three out of five of 'em look like Young Thug."


That was the only instance when Trick addressed Thug directly, but he went on to speak on how he doesn't agree with the effeminate fashion choices of certain rappers, likely continuing to implicate Thugger. 

"I just don't see a dude calling himself a 'thug,' or calling himself a killer, when, if he pulls his pants up, you can see his shape," said Trick. Then Charlamagne, in an undeniable to attempt to bring the Slime Season rapper into the fold, asked, "What about the 'thug' wearing a dress?" 

Trick didn't exactly take Charlamagne's bait, but he went on to say that the only "borderline" males he's ever accepted are Michael Jackson and Prince. Funnily enough, Thug recently called himself Michael Jackson, while relegating Future to the role of "Tito." 

In any case, Thug has offered a (not exactly coherent) response to Trick Daddy, in which he calls the 41-year-old rapper an "#OLDPUSSY." After addressing Trick, he went on to reassert his belief that Charlamagne is the exact opposite of a God. Should The Breakfast Club ever invite him for an interview, Thugger promised he'll strike fear in their eyes like GuWop did in 2013.