The pilot of the short-lived Meth & Red Show essentially summarizes the stereotype every rapper is hit with when they buy a house in upscale neighborhoods.  A family of four ready to purchase a home when loud bass rumbles through the streets and a fleet of Cadillac Escalades filled with women and friends follow before the camera pans to a shot of Method Man and Redman turning up at their shared mansion. That family is turned off by the notion that rappers live in the area and decline the offer to purchase the house. That portrayal of how rappers live isn't accurate, though, especially in the case of Young Thug.

Atlanta City Councilman Howard Shook is on his way to filing legislation banning short-term rentals in single-family homes after a mansion in the neighborhood received 34 noise complaints and 55 police calls between Jan. 1st and Aug. 21st. The parties were apparently so lit, that their event that was dubbed "the biggest topless pool party ever" made its way onto TMZ. Shook explained that the property has been used as an Airbnb over the past two years since their last neighbor moved out, Young Thug, who he described as essentially a perfect neighbor.

“Ironically, the best, quietest neighbor we had was a rapper. That was Young Thug,” Shook told Reporter Newspaper “And God, if I had known he was gonna be the best owner we ever had, I’d have taken him a Bundt cake.”

Thug had the house in 2016, though legal disputes over the mortgage prompted him to vacate the premises, AJC reported.