Things got exciting towards the end of the day yesterday when, not only did Future announce the title and tracklist for a new album dropping on Apple (Evol), but he appeared to engage in sub-tweet war with Young Thug. 

Thugger is gearing up for an album of his own on Friday, originally Slime Season 3, but it seems mid-sub-tweeting he decided to change the title of the album to I'm Up. He's been encouraging the use of 'I'm Up' since then, and he's even made a cryptic statement about signing a $1 million deal. 

He wrote, "I'm on my #yeezy shit, fuck ss3.....It's now ""IM-UP"" tweet up." He continued, "I'm up" just signed a million dollar D, Now that's EPIC.." Does this mean he signed with Epic, or is he really just calling his deal epic??

Whatever the case may be on that statement, Thug has confirmed that rather than SS3 we'll be getting a project called I'm Up on February 5th-- even an Instagram trailer shows the title to be I'm Up, following previous trailers that supported SS3.

Are you more excited for I'm Up or for Evol