Young Nudy Names Skittles & Gelato As Favorite Strains On "How to Roll"

Aron A.
October 26, 2017 15:10

If there's one thing that Young Nudy is grateful to God for, it's weed.

The majority of artists, rappers specifically, have their necessities while in the studio. A lot of rappers will tell you that weed is a necessary item for their studio sessions. Yung Nudy is no exception. The rapper put hip hop on notice after the release of his most recent mixtape Nudy Land. He recently passed by HNHH to teach us how roll a swisher and let us know about the importance of marijuana in his life. 

Yung Nudy is a fan of marijuana, plain and simple. For many, it's a recreational activity typically enjoyed while relaxing on a weekend or after work. For Yung Nudy, it's a viral part of his everyday life.

"I have to have that weed though. I don't do a lot of drugs, you feel me? I don't drink lean heavy, I don't pop pills and all that shit. I smoke a lot of weed you feel me?" he says, "I got bad nerves, so I have to smoke. Most muhfuckas smoke and they get paranoid. I paranoid when I ain't smoking."

In a way, marijuana changed his life for the better. He explains marijuana's affect on him didn't just help him with paranoia but also with his temper.

"That weed done did something to me. I used to be so angry all the time and had this crazy ass temper so it's like shit...A lot of shit I used to get mad about, I smoke that blunt, I be calm as hell," he told us, "Shouts out to Big God for creating this reefer, man. For real man, if there's one thing I do love you for creating."

While he's not necessarily picky about what type of blunt he smokes, he's more picky with the type that he rolls. 

"Them backwoods, they be all like soggy. I don't like that shit. Me, the reason I don't smoke backwoods heavy, because I don't know how to roll them mothafuckas. I don't even know how to bust that mothafucka down," he says.

During our recent episode of How To Roll, he shares an anecdote about his first time smoking, let's us know what his favorite munchies are and more. 

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