Young Dro only just released his sophomore album, but he's far from a newcomer. The Atlanta spitter's second album has been long delayed, but he's kept busy releasing 12 mixtapes in the meantime. With that kind of experience, he's seen a lot go on in Atlanta, speaking of the changes in the scene, disappointing Andre 3000, as well as getting T.I. and Gucci Mane in the studio together in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

Dro spoke of the delay of his album, confirming rumors that his label was pushing for another hit like "Shoulder Lean". "Yes, and I was very upset about that," the rapper revealed, explaining that he came close to another smash, but it didn't satisfy those looking for a more lyrical record from him.

"I liked 'Take Off'", he said of the single, but revealed that even one of his heroes disapproved of the direction. "I got the word through the vine that Andre 3000 was upset about that song," said Dro, paraphrasing 3 Stacks' reaction. "Some of my favorite rappers ain't coming with it, 'Take Off' was mediocre."

"I felt it was cool swag, but 'Dre wanted to hear me rap," he added. "I had just got with LA, and I was with the whole swag movement, because I like to sing, I like melodic music, but a lot of people want to hear me spit bars."

The High Times rapper then spoke of the current ATL scene, compared to how it was when he started. "We don't rap like we did in the Outkast days." he argued. "Without the Tips, Jeezys and Dros, we'd just be dancing again. That's where we come from, I'm not ashamed of that."

Another point Dro touched on was a legendary collaboration he set up. "Some of the songs off the mixtapes were significant songs like "Freeze Me" with T.I. And Gucci, that had never been heard in history, and will probably never happen again," he said. "I brought that together."

Watch the full interview below.