YBN Nahmir has officially announced the end of the YBN Crew.

After having released a collaborative project with his close friend YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordae in 2018, titled YBN: The Mixtape, YBN Nahmir has revealed that the group has split up.

Originally, Nahmir had met Jay playing Xbox online, welcoming in Cordae at a later date. They prided themselves on being such a versatile collective. Nahmir was the street rapper of the bunch, Cordae was the lyrical one, and Jay was the party guy. They had it all. However, they have decided to go their separate ways, as Nahmir has announced.

"They left this YBN shit in the gutter. Remember that. I’ll turn it up myself," wrote the rapper on Twitter. When a fan asked for clarification, he confirmed that they are no longer associated with the crew.

"Yea it’s only me kid," confirmed Nahmir.

It's unclear if this means that YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay will be changing their stage names or if they will keep them so as to not mix up the fans. YBN Cordae specifically has become quite the star in the rap game, earning himself a Grammy-nominated album and getting tons of looks around the world. It would be weird for him to suddenly go by a different name.

Will you miss this crew?