The inaugural Yams Day got off to an inauspicious start, as a shortage of security guards led to a bottleneck at the entrance to Manhattan's Terminal 5, thus forcing thousands of eager fans to wait outside the venue for an hour or more, in a temperature that can only be described as cold-as-balls.

The line outside Terminal 5 was monumentally long, but the mood was upbeat. This was a celebration of the life and legacy of A$AP Yams. These concertgoers had flocked from as far as Delaware and Massachusetts because they sensed that something special was happening. Citizens of the line made fast friends, huddling for warmth and discussing which acts they were most looking forward to see perform. Due to the excessively long nature of the line, many feared they would miss their favorite acts.

The HotNewHipHop 1-man team finally made it inside Terminal 5 during A-Trak's DJ set, which means it missed performances from Da$h, Retch, Joey Fatts, Bodega Bamz, Action Bronson, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and a host of others. Pro Era, Lil Uzi Vert, Flatbush Zombies, & A$AP Mob had yet to perform.

Sitting front and center on-stage was a couch styled after one of Yams' trademark Coogi sweaters. Flanking the couch were two DJ tables that propped up electronic signs reading “Always Strive and Prosper” and “Rest in Peace Yams." The massive LED screen in the back featured an incredible variety of Yams tribute art -- Coogi sweater style patterns, a still image of Yams riding a unicorn, a moving image of Yams riding another unicorn and galloping across a field of psychedelic pink lava. Headband Yams, shirtless Yams, fitted cap Yams; all iterations of Yams would be honored this night.