XVII Music

In todays entertainment industry, social networking has provided young, aspiring entertainers with a way to navigate the road to success. XVII, a joint music-film venture personifies this concept, and are here to make their mark on the industry. XVII, originally founded in the fall of 2010, is comprised of 2 aspiring M.C.s, and 2 aspiring film makers and actors. The entertainment group was formed in order to initiate a movement in which all aspects of the arts in which they practiced became legitimized. These four aspiring young men, B Rico, Lil J, Brad, and Otto all bring a new level of creativity to the world of music, film, and fashion. Separated they realized that they each posses individual talents that could land them somewhere mediocre, but together, they encompass the ability to be something great. Once created, two more members of the group were signed, Michael Campbell and Jillian Linton. Both new singers bring a new level of dynamics to label.


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