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X-RuleZ Contain 2 Rapper:- Dr.Fido Name :Ahmed Yehia El Khateeb DOB : Septemper 16 1992 Home Town : Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt Current City : El Sheikh Zayed Job : Rapper , Designer & Uploader -I was born and grew up in the city of Cairo. The center of a family of father, mother, son and two daughters After I was born to two months we traveled to Qatar There I lived for 5 years Then I came to Egypt Gravitated to hip-hop started when I was 10 years When I heard I was trying to draw the way the singing of several singers, and I still love these singers so far Of these singers: - 50 cent,DR.Dre,Snoop Dogg & Eminem .. But more to attract my attention was the singer:- Eminem ******************* Da Spark Name: Mohamed Hesham Ahmed DOB : April 4 1993 Home Town & Current City : Pyramids st. Giza , Egypt Job : Rapper & Designer - Spark is the name was set by me under the pressure of life Variables to reflect the dreams inside me or the ability inside us of achieving goals under the different Confrontations of the age ! -born and raised in the streets of cairo , egypt with the nature of such a pure cheerful egyptian guy and a dream of being such a successful person ! -at the age of 11 I've started to dream about hiphop and being a mega star but cause of the challenges of the field i found it difficult to pursue .. at 16 the the dream became bigger and bigger , so difficult to ignore , making such good music was and still my 1st target that i decided to fulfill and i am just fighting , working on this dream , whatever the Difficulties are i am going to accomplish it sooner or later Fulfillment of the hip hop instinct in me ! -special thanks dedicated to all who teached me a lesson helped me in a situation !


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