WWE wrestler Paige has had an incredible career with the company although she had to retire from it prematurely due to some pesky injuries. Paige has also had to battle through controversy as she has had sex tapes of herself leak in the past. Through all of this, Paige has remained optimistic despite battling bouts of depression. This past year, Paige released a movie about her life called Fighting With My Family and so far it has received rave reviews.

With Paige's film prospects in mind, it appears as though she would be interested in transitioning to the big screen. Many wrestlers have become actors, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who at this point, is more well known for his films, than his exploits in the WWE. Paige recently spoke to TMZ where she explained her desire to get into the acting business.

"I want to go into movies and stuff like that, start branching out a bit," Paige explained. "Obviously, I can't do the wrestling side of things anymore."

Johnson is actually in Fighting With My Family and gave some sound advice to Paige during the filming process.

“His advice to me was, stay humble if you want to work with everyone, and hungry so you always set goals and don’t become complacent,” Paige explained. “He has branded himself so correctly. He’s obviously a huge star in WWE and it helps when you are branching out into other stuff. Wrestling doesn’t stay forever. You have to always keep in mind, ‘what am I going to do afterwards’.”