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Born at home, iD has always stood out from the norm since day one. iD grew up in the forgotten town of Ambridge outside of Pittsburgh, PA in Beaver County. The town of Ambridge fell apart after steel mills closed and since has been a relic of what it used to be. Raised by recovering addicts/alcoholics iD was always influenced by the result of drug use and criminal lifestyle. Nevertheless, by age 14 iD still got into selling & experimenting with drugs. Due to his family's background iD constantly had to hide this side of his life from his home. "When I started, I never cared about police or getting in trouble with the law, I feared my mom and dad finding out more than anything, and that's what kept me out of trouble." By age 20 iD decided he had enough of that life and started working a 9-5 to try and change. His childhood friend got him the job and after proving himself to his superiors he quickly began to climb up in the company. Soon enough, iD collaborated with his immediate boss to pitch opening a recording studio to the owner. They got their wish and this is where iD got his first chance to work in a professional studio. "I honestly didn't know what I was doing, I just knew enough to bullshit my way in the door. Once I had a studio to myself, I stayed there so much that I ended up hurting my friendships and even losing my longtime girlfriend who I was living with. She asked what was more important and I told her that music was more important than her. I regret that every once in a while but it was the truth so I'll live with it." Since then, iD quit his 9-5 and has moved on to open his own studio in the South Side of Pittsburgh and helped build the movement OSFM (Outspoken & Free Minded). iD has a vision to move the masses through his music and build a pipeline in Pittsburgh to help future artist have a way to be heard outside of the city. When asked about the local Pittsburgh music scene, iD replied "What local scene? It doesn't exist, unless you count all the local shows with the same people there every time, at the same lame venue with the same lame atmosphere. No one who truly loves music wants to see their city like this, but I try not to complain unless I plan on doing something about it and that's why part of my vision is to build bridges towards making Pittsburgh a better local music scene." iD is now an artist, producer, engineer and entrepreneur making music infused with his real life experiences while reflecting the Beaver County, PA lifestyle.


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