Wiz Khalifa got a few things off his chest and onto the twittersphere late last night. The rapper generally seems to avoid conflict, but he felt the need to express himself in regards to his ex-wife Amber Rose and their son together, Bash.

While no one gets mentioned by name, and there aren't any specifics in his tweets, it became case-in-point when a random twitter user responded to Wiz's tweets asking if he'd get back with Amber, and Wiz replied, "no thanks." Backing up a little, Wiz sent his first subtweet, "a woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kids father is a foul creature."

He followed that up with "Seen my boy. All is well. That's pretty much the only thing that can spin my universe out of control." He continued tweeting, "Sucks when people try to use that against you but the cool part is figuring out how much self control you have. As long as he's playing and smiling i'm cool. can't be pissed when i see that handsome face."

See the series of tweets below.