Wiz Khalifa's Europe Vlog Part III (Ep. 7)

Watch Wiz Khalifa's Europe Vlog Part III (Ep. 7)

For episode seven of the Europe vlog series, which is directed, shot, and cut by Frank Paladino, Wiz and the Taylor Gang camp do their regular tour life stuff, which means clubbing, performing, and smoking a ton of weed. Check it out.

Experience Wiz Khalifa's Europe Vlog Part III (Ep. 7), a new offering from Wiz Khalifa, which was released on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013. Things are looking better for Wiz Khalifa with each new release, which Wiz Khalifa's Europe Vlog Part III (Ep. 7) has proven yet again. It's worthy addition to the impressive body of work Wiz Khalifa has been developing over the years. We're looking forward to hearing what's next.

Can you dig it?

Check out the latest video from Wiz Khalifa, Wiz Khalifa's Europe Vlog Pt. III (Ep. 8).

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