Young Thug dropped off his follow up to his 1017 Thug mixtape the other week, 1017 Thug 2. The album contained ten new records available to stream, as well as some conversation-starting cover artwork. 

We all know hip-hop mixtapes have a long history of using photoshop, and often times the result is laughable (in a good way). Thugga, or rather someone from his team, used this age old technique for the cover of his new album. For whatever reason, Thug's head was photoshopped on to a picture of Wiz Khalifa's body. They're both extremely lanky and tatted up, so at a quick glance you may not have noticed, but now that the comparison photos have been making their way around these internets, even Wiz Khalifa got in on it.

Wiz tweeted his own conspiracy theory, "Young Thug is actually Wiz Khalifa's body and Young Thugs Head. Thats what Young Thug has been this whole time."

He added later, "Off top i fucc wit any nigga or female that listens to Young Thug."

Take a look at the photoshopped image in contrast to Wiz Khalifa's original in the gallery above.