Although social media stats do not define who we are, people including urban models Simfany and Shelly Brooks have been able to move forward in their line of work through social media apps such as Instagram (@therealbrookstwins). From being contacted for spreads in urban magazines to roles in Hip Hop videos, they are known in the Hip Hop music video industry as The Brooks Twins. 

“We started gaining a following in Myspace days. In high school we used to get teased and we thought we were ugly. Once we posted a picture and got 800 likes we were like oh okay, I guess we’re cute. When we saw that we had 20,000 Myspace friends each, we were like, we have to do something with this.”

Shortly after high school, they got together with a friend who had a camera and were the subject of their first photo shoot. Today, they’ve been featured in recognized videos such as  Waka Flaka’s “Round of Applause”, Young Jeezy’s “RIP”, and 2 Chainz' “Stunt”.

“We also just shot for Straight Stuntin’ Magazine, it was the 7th anniversary issue and this was our our third time shooting for them.”


The twins have been working and booking gigs without a manager since the start of their modeling adventures. Their online presence still continues to work in their favor. They were both booked for roles in Juicy J's (featuring ASAP Rocky) “Scholarship” video which has been shot but is still unreleased.

Without management, how are you making moves?

"We have a pretty cool following online, I have my email on there so most people contact us via email."

Simfany and Shelly have also tapped into commercial modeling and acting with brands such as Adidas and Footlocker. I took a moment to ask them what was next one their radar.

“Were just starting the process of opening our own beauty salon, were looking for a location. Were in the process of getting it off the ground. We are also looking for a manager to assist us in our modeling career so that we can balance both.”

Why a beauty salon? What inspired that?

Simfany: "Before modeling, it’s always been hair for me. I’ve been doing hair since high school, I had my license since 2008. That’s my main focus and dream, to open my salon and do hair."


As I sat and spoke with Simfany and Shelly, I took note of their personality traits  and asked them to speak on how they differ.

“Even though we're twins, we're the exact opposite. We love each other but we fight a lot. You know how sisters are; we fight and make up three seconds later."

How is it? Being twins and handling business together?

Simfany: "I feel like the manager, she doesn’t do nothing. She sits back and gets paid, I told her I’m going to start taking 20% of her cut. She’s spoiled!" (both girls giggle)

Shelly, what do you bring to the table that Simfany may not be able to?

"Honestly, if it weren’t for her being my twin, none of this would make sense. So we make it work for us, it’s a package deal and I like it."


Their personality differences reach down to their dating preferences. While Simfany loves the good guy, Shelly has a strong eye for the bad boy but both struggle with finding the ones that they’d like to keep around.

Is your work hindering your dating life?

"Yes because a lot of men are insecure and they see our fans commenting on our photos on Instagram assuming that we have a long list of guys wanting to be with us. They feel like just because you shoot videos, you mess with the artist, but as soon as the video is done, we go home."


The Brooks Twins consider themselves to be humble women who are simply doing what makes them happy and building a career. They described more pleasures than downfalls when speaking of working in the industry and seem to only focus on the positives.

“Being teased as a kid made us more humble as adults. We're not the pretty girls that are conceited, we’re down to earth. We are strong and we are used to the negativity, so if we ever get crazy comments online or people that don’t approve, it doesn’t affect us. We have fun. What girl doesn’t like to get dressed up and feel like a princess?”

Keep up with The Brooks Twins via instagram and twitter: @TheRealBrooksTwins @TheBrooksTwins