Hottie Vs Hottie: Rihanna's "Pour It Up" Vs Wale's "Clappers"

Which of these 2 videos, overall, had the hottest women? That's the question we want answered in this week's edition of Hottie Vs Hottie. Were the flexible girls in "Pour It Up" hotter, or did you fall for the thickness displayed in "Clappers"? Make sure to vote below.

Which collective of Hotties was more banging, Rihanna's collective of pole dancers or Nicki Minaj and her voluptuous crew?  Make sure to vote below and tell us which video was more turnt up!  

Also, enjoy the photos and gifs in galleries for both videos.  And if you're really not sure, we've posted both music videos in the article as well.  Have a closer look.


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