White Tee Roc

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.PREMIER Raper de Gatineau.Depuit 1989.Membre de socan.(A.S.C.A.P) 2~rp WHITE TEE ROC 3xXD Dj Rocwilder... ALBUM BIO-> 2~rp -- Whity Roc -- Black Related Represent MTL-BK-GAT-OTT Fist Rapeux in Gatineau -- Whity Roc -- He Started the Fist Label & Crew in the G.a.t... Membre de Socan Sins 1993 Auteur Compositeur Interprete... 93/94 -- Whity Roc -- Trading G For Beats... Rec at the Courcy Studio in Gatineau the Producer ove Mazion... Printed in 10 000 copie Sold in HMV & Every were SOLD OUT Fist Gangster Rap in Canada... Send every were in the US->Feat M-J R & B From Gatineau... 95/96 -- Whity Roc -- Casino CLASIC no one will ever do What Whity Roc Did on dis Album ... Rec at the Courcy Studio in Gatineau the Producer ove Mazion... Sold in HMV & Every were SOLD OUT 2... Fist Gangster Rap in Canada...Whity Roc send out every were in the Us... 97 -- Whity Roc -- Laffaire 9.7 Was Finish in 1997 But was relise in 2002 . Rec at the Courcy Studio in Gatineau & Fat Dog Production... Sold Underground... 2006 -- Whity Roc -- Y ai ou l Beef ? Dis album was Maid 2 replay 2 the rap game in Gatineau & take back control ove what the Roc Started... REC At Fat Dog Production... 2007 -- Whity Roc -- 819 Not all Stars Dj Rocwilder Present 2~rp Great Mix Tape- Remix - 2008 -- Whity Roc -- Stait in it $$$ Screw & Chop Le Mix Tape Vol uno 2~rp Dj Rocwilder aka White Tee Roc Fist Album Screw & Chop in Gatineau... 2010 -- Whity Roc -- Rugged MixTape Vol 2 2011 -- Whity Roc -- Rugged MixTape Vol 3 2011 -- Whity Roc -- 2~rp BB Feat Arsenal & Dj Rocwilder L ETS PLAY BALL HAITERS !!! 819~613 Nnnnnot ...All..Stars Realaty Ryming RRO~DOC~TION V|||~|~|X V|~|~||| Membre se $ocan ASCAP $IN$ 1993.AUTEUR COMPOSITEUR INTERPRETTE////IM THE BO$$ 2-RP WHITY ROC XD XD XD ... -Double-R -- BB ✔ Profile Original & Official © █║▌║▌██║▌║█║║█│ Whity Roc-2-RP http://twitter.com/Whity_Roc http://www.youtube.com/roccowell http://soundcloud.com/whity_roc http://www.reseauurbain.com/whiteyroc http://www.myspace.com/whiteteeroc2 http://www.myspace.com/djrocwilder http://www.reverbnation.com/whiteteeroc http://www.imeem.com/people/CY4wFKm facebook.com/roccorocky.fauvelle


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