WELL$ Songs

  • Cover of WELL$ - Lil Tommy
    Here's your introduction to WELL$: WELL$ is a 19-year old rapper coming up out of Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Cover of WELL$ - Dreams Of An Insomniac
    WELL$, a 19-year-old MC from North Carolina, wowed us with his track "Lil Tommy" last week, and now here's "Dreams Of An Insomniac" from his upcoming mixtape. 
  • Cover of WELL$ - Youth In Revolt Pt. 2  Feat. King Mez
    North Carolina's WELL$ had a coming-out party of sorts with his 2014 tape MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher, his strongest work to date, and now he returns to a track released before the tape. Here's part two of 2013's "Youth In Revolt," featuring King Mez.
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