Watch Jimmy Kimmel Prank People With Fake Yeezy 2000s

Kyle Rooney
October 19, 2016 11:59

Very real opinions of very fake Yeezy shoes.

Jimmy Kimmel found out that Kanye West's "Chocolate" Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 had made its much anticipated return to retailers so he decided to pull yet another fake Yeezy prank on the streets of LA. 

And just like the last time Kimmel pulled a Yeezy prank, the people on Hollywood Boulevard were eating up this garbage because let's face- if something has Kanye's name attached to it people are going to fawn over it no matter how ridiculous it looks.

This time around, the sneaker of choice was a $12.50 pair of bootleg Jordan Son Of Mars sneakers they found in Chinatown, which they dolled up with a compass and some fur and dubbed the Yeezy 2000. 

Highlights include: 

This guy who says he loves the Yeezys while rocking horrible knockoff Yeezy Boosts:

The guy who loved the compass on the tongue so you can "let 'em know where you walkin at":

"Shout out to Israel! Keep planting trees in Israel!"

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